Cydnee and Brock: The Forever Couple

Cydnee had run into some difficult times. Life just seemed to be spiraling as she felt herself drowning in a sea of homework and the pressure to figure out what happens after graduation. She was also working part-time and trying to handle that relationship that only brought temporary relief from the stress of life yet also brought its own set of issues. Brock had said he understood what she was going through, but Cydnee was reminded of this lie every time Brock continued to complain about how little she cared about him. “I’m only seventeen. How can I be expected to bring happiness to everyone but myself?”, she thought one chilly morning walk to school.

Cydnee met Brock in eighth grade right before the school year ended. She had made a commitment to herself that school was more important than boys and high school was going to be challenging enough. Since Cydnee’s family didn’t really have money to support her in college, she knew that grades, future college attendance, and strategic life goals would be the only means of survival. Although she had to friend-zone Brock, he was so understanding. He himself came from a broken family and found it so hard to want to achieve bigger and better things when “life goals” were never presented to him as an option. He came home to dysfunction, anxiety, and a mother who was worn out from working third shift since she could remember. Cydnee was his hope. Brock saw ambition in her that he never even dreamed could be possible. How could he not fall in love with her and dream of their future? Perfect life, perfect relationship, perfect success.

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